Cemetery Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sykesville Memorial Cemetery Association is to preserve and honor the heritage of past generations, respect the needs of the current population, and to assist in providing a legacy for the future Sykesville community.

Vision Statement

I. To operate and maintain the Sykesville Memorial Cemetery as an inviting space for remembrance, contemplation, and healing.

II. To preserve the Sykesville Memorial Cemetery, steeped in local history, with a view to educate and commemorate the Sykesville community.


In 1940, citizens of Sykesville met to form an association for the permanent care of the Sykesville Cemetery. On April 21, 1940, they formed the Sykesville Memorial Park Association with a board of directors containing 10 members, by elections of 5 directors to be held every year. J.E. Long was the first association president and W.H. Stahl served as his vice president.

The 41 members of the association held their first meeting on May 24, 1940. They requested each member to pay $3.00 for membership fees, which were used to care for the cemetery.

On August 22, 1941, since the land has originally been donated by the Henry Shaffer Estate, the association changed the name of the cemetery to the Shaffer Memorial Park Cemetery.

Following many years without changes and organized care, the association was revitalized on August 28, 1980 and the new administration voted to change the name of the cemetery to the Sykesville Memorial Cemetery and the association to the Sykesville Memorial Cemetery Association.

Today, the association focuses on maintaining a beautiful cemetery. All the members are voluntary and utilize their own time to help preserve this amazing landmark. They are always looking for additional members and assistance. If you are interested in becoming a member of the association, or just willing to aid our efforts, please email us at sykesvillecemetery@gmail.com or complete the form under the Contact Us tab.