Cemetery Rules

Sykesville Memorial Cemetery Rules

1. Future graves or lots shall not be raised above the level of surrounding grounds.

2. Tree shrubs or bushes shall not be planted on new grave sites.

3. Living or artificial flowers are permitted near monuments.

4. Glass containers or fences are not permitted.

5. Monuments need to be placed in line and on a foundation.

6. Fixing of cemetery markers is the responsibility of the family.

7. Existing trees are to be trimmed to walk under.

8. Fall is the best time to fill in sunken graves and also for seeding.

9. All religious statues or ornaments, excluding head and footstones, shall be limited to no more than a height of 15 inches.

10. Any flowers, containers, or shrubs that interfere with normal cemetery maintenance may be removed by cemetery associates.

11. No pets are allowed to be buried within the cemetery limits.

12. Corner markers may be leveled for maintenance and mowing.

13. All artificial flowers, trees, and shrubs, including those in glass containers, shall be removed from the cemetery by September 10th of each year.

14. The funeral home must contact the cemetery association prior to a burial taking place.

15. The rules may be amended at any time by the cemetery association.

**originally voted and approved on August 19, 1982 and amended June 20, 1985**